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Captain Fly Log Update (12) 26th Oct 2023

My Manifest : Build-a-Boat Dry Dock for stowing NFTs on… NFTs.

The Launching of a 1000 Argosy Ships

The tide is high, the wind is fair and so finally after many lunar cycles, it’s time to launch the much anticipated Argosy of the Picaroons.

In previous blog posts we have a explained Max Salt & The Leaderboard as well as some Argosy dynamics. Here we explain the final details of how The Picaroons, The SubVersibles, The Ships and Chandlery Parts come to together — so you can sail up the Admiral of the Fleet Leaderboard, claim treasure and maybe even Win a Wall*.

A ‘basic’ ship of the Argosy (by Alex Lucas)

Ready Steady Launch

The main tool we have is like an advent calendar. But it’s not.

It’s a DRY DOCK for a Picaroon Argosy ship.

Click the ‘My Manifest’ button, select your ship and ED away.

Stow and unstow an inventory of ship parts. Update the blockchain. Add Picaroon crew and Subversible friends. Add parts. Take them off. Unstow. Add new crew. Mix it up a bit. Pretty ship? Or functional? Fast or fun? Or both. You decide.

To find out more— visit Your Manifest at

(An Argosy Ship + Chandlery Parts) + Picaroons + SubVersibles = Leaderboard Score

Build-a-Boat What-ifness

At Astro Laboratories we like to experiment. It all starts with a question ; ‘What if”. As in ‘What if we could generate a 100K rare gems on Ethereum?’ Our first NFT collection in 2018 was BlockMark Rox & Gems and with the added Game of Crowns . It was early days.

The 2018 NFT Game of Crowns. Now hidden in the blockchain fossil record.

Today we ask ‘What if NFTs could own NFTs?”. We experiment with ERC721/ERC115/ERC721a and our version of ERC1665 — new NESTED NFTs.

Now— An NFT Ship can own an NFT chandlery ship part. And be sold with it.

8 Picaroons can sail onboard a Ship and 3 SubVersibles can swim alongside a ship. And an Argosy Ship can own Ship Parts.

Bobby Shark — SubVersible №1 (ERC1155)

You can add 8 crew to your Argosy ship. That could be 8 rats or 4 sloths and 4 rabbits. Any combination is accepted.

However — The highest Picaroon score (with a full crew bonus) will come from a full complement of the 8 crew roles (Captain, First Mate, Navigator, Bosun, Cook, Cooks assistant and 2 crew).

A full (naked) crew of Picaroons (8 species/8 roles)

Flat thinking

A good way to think of NFT tokens in an Ethereum Smart Contract is to think of them as a block of flats with an inventory. The flats stay where they are but can change ownership.

Let’s not forget ‘Digital Edition Control’. That’s the key thing about blockchain NFTs. The log of ownership and proof of authenticity (and 1 of 1 or limited edition scarcity).

Smart Contract (Block of flats) with List of (NFT) Holders/Owners

Picaroon Buyer Beware!!

An Argosy Ship can own Chandlery Parts. Like a house can be sold furnished.

THIS IS IMPORTANT a Ship is never sold with Picaroons or SubVersibles. Like a house is not sold with the previous owners and pets still inside….That would be just plain weird. But a Ship can be sold with or without parts. Buyer beware.

When parts are unstowed from a ship it is locked down for 200 blocks to prevent funny business and miss-selling.

There are 30+ ships parts to collect ; 1000 ships and 7000 ships part (+849 Fox boxes) . There are enough ships parts for an average of 7.8 parts per ship.

30+ parts available to boost your ship

(Please note there is a small gas transaction due for transfer of ships parts to ships as the Ethereum contracts verify ownership and interact.)

The Lucky Armada

From the Chandlery of Ships Parts you can buy a Treasure Map which reveals 1 of 3 treasure chests.

In 150 randomly lucky treasure chests there is a Ship in a bottle. This can be redeemed for a Lucky Armada ship of the Argosy (via Google Form). Details of how to claim soon on X-Twitter.

In addition the 1st Ships Bottle and the last Ships Bottle will receive TWO Argosy Ships.

Maps lead to Treasure and Parts. Some Chests lead to a lucky ship in a bottle…redeemable for an Argosy ship.

Forget not the Fox Boxes

All Picaroon Captain Foxes (849) in the summer of 2023 were airdropped a Fox Box.

These will reveal a fox figurehead in the colour of the fox which owns it.

A red captain fox will have a red figurehead. A green captain fox like Eaton of St. Kitts (2136) will have a green fox figurehead. Could make you green with envy.

A fox Captain who owns a Fox Box - now also owns a Fox Figurehead…that looks like them..

Leading Numbers

If you want to win Treasure by winning the Admiral Leaderboard here are the numbers you want. The numbers you need; the amount of future ships for sale, the amount of ship chandlery parts for sale.

The details of scoreable points for increased Speed, Mood & Navigation (+Crew + SubVersibles) — to sail up the leaderboard, are available in Captains Log №13 here

Also remember — The ships of the Lucky Armada are discoverable at any random time — up to the limit of 150 ships.

The Argosy sub-fleets will be released from the Astrolaboratories.eth dock in 2023–24 and consist of the Fleet, The Flotilla and finally — The Squadrons. There will only ever be 1000 ships of the Argosy in total.

Argosy / Future Fleet & Chandlery Parts distribution

December Treasure

Astro Labs will run quarterly treasure prizes throughout 2024. There’s some great merch shipping it’s way for future winners. But for now…

The First Treasure to be awarded on December 6th is ……

Montbars del Havana (7060) — The Picaroon featured on the first Picaroon Mural by the talented Alex Lucas . The IRL French Bulldog — Montbars is to be found in Hackney London. The NFT version could soon be in your wallet.

* You don’t win the actual wall (that belongs to the restaurant..My Neighbours the Dumplings. Delicious BTW) but you do win the NFT as featured on the wall.

Montbars del Havana — de Hackney of Shafton Road. LucasAntics Mural July 2023.

Future Leaderboard prizes are in the pipeline. But here’s some decks we made earlier in June. The second place prize for Commander of the Flagship is a FULL set of 5 Picaroon Skateboards.

Not for use on the Poop Deck. Only on the Skate Deck. Where else?

5 Skateboards to Win. (Also available in the Ship-Shoppe soon)

Join us

Feel free to join the Picaroon conversation and add suggestions over on twitter and discord. All are welcome abooarrd.